Meet the staff!

Just a bunch of nerds on the internet, right?

The Establishment.

The key staff, and management of the server. The people keep everything running. Blame these people when things don't work.

The Stubborn Admin

Oh? You want to hear about me? I'm the psychotic maniac who writes guides, and began this project! Glad you are here!


The Ratelimit Admin

I make sure the staff is running smoothly, and bring new talent to the table when needed. Just here to help a cause I feel is worth it.


Hello, my name is Neal also known by the alias Akiara. I'm a 17 year-olds guy; I have been programming since I was 14 years old. I am currently know five languages fluently along with many others that are semi-fluent. If you wish to know more about me, feel free to message me.


Hello! I'm dabanya, or dab or short. I'm from Vancouver, BC, and I enjoy playing games like World of Tanks or KSP. I will be leading the translation department and helping translate Chinese. I'm usually active, and if I'm not, I'm either in class or playing WoT. (Or both).


Hello~, I'm Cyber and I'm the Department Head of the "Server Geeks". I'm basically in charge of making sure the Discord Server and the website runs smoothly and implementing fixes as needed. I'm also an avid gamer!


I press the ban button and help out people when they have smart things they need help with. (I like to tell Jet how his designs are bad.)


Hi! I'm Koopa! I enjoy helping people and geeky things as a whole. I program for fun, and have a habit for learning everything about Discord I possibly can.


Hey! I'm TwoDog! I'm a proud New Zealander with, suprsingly, one dog! I'm also a staff here on the Discord Guide! If you need anything, feel free to ask!


Who knows what staff might be the next core...

The Help Squad

These weird people somehow decided they wanted to help people. Don't ask me why, I don't know.

I am Sil, a university student. Yeah, I don't know how I become staff in so much servers.


I'm Support Staff at The Discord guide. Helping is my job, and it's great, so if you need help, try asking it of me.


Hey guys! Mustard here! I'm a person stuck in the public education system in a foggy city, and I help write mobile guides!


I'm Draskulls. I love rem and who ever loves her is my friend ^w^. Seriously I'm here to respond you're question solve your problems with a smile!


I guess you could call me a part time support team member. I have a passion for learning and helping, and spend a lot of my free time doing it so that they may learn and help other people as well.


I am Meduza, and I am a support staff. I like pokemanz, and playing with paint. Dont eat the paint, it's bad for you. Like icky sicky bad. No seriously, support staff ftw.


Hi Im Torc. I like sports but prefer video games. My job on the server is, as it says, to help support people here and to be a sort of role model and show the proper behaviour of the server.


Hey there, I'm Glaze. I do support and moderating around these parts. but I also try to enjoy myself and am sometimes can be a chatterbox Hope to see you around soon~!


Hey, I'm Zounce from Support and I make sure people don't accidentally delete their server. I'm a longtime user of Discord, and i'm willing to help others out with the platform


So.. I'm Beta. Just a normal person who loves programming and helping others. I also do enjoy spending my free time listening to music or playing games. (If I don't normally respond that means I'm either sleeping or playing games.)


Hi I am Carti. I enjoy drinking tea and helping people in my free time.


Hey there! My name is Panzer.... I'm an Norwegian-Icelandic enthusiast that performs cleanup duties and regular mod duties. I'm very active, if you need help just @mention or PM me!

Those others...

Those others who are what they are... other department go here!

Fancy Schmancy Web Designer Extraordinare. The person the Admins convinced to put this together originally, and work with the admins to keep it up.


That guy who does the media thing... yeah. I help with creating media like video guides, and banners...


I do a thing.


Lizzehhhh. I'm that person you wish would shut up during events, I do lizzy things. Green is nice...


Hello, I'm Fangirl! [AKA Fan-Chan] I am an event staff for the server, so I will make sure everyone is having a great time and enjoying the events. :D

Lunar Skies

Heya, I'm Lunar...I do things and stuff of all sorts (Mainly if it has to do with computers). I'm very deticated, so feel free to ask me questions about really anything about technology and I'll either help you or educate myself then help you.


But I'm just a guy who loves to help people in any way I can :3